Thursday, 22 October 2015

Workplace Head Injuries can Cause TBIs

Of the millions of workplace accidents that occur each year, a significant number involve injuries to a person’s head. These injuries can occur in any number of accidents, including slip and falls, vehicle accidents, accidents involving work tools, or incidents in which workers are struck by or against objects. Importantly, whenever a person sustains a head injury, there is the potential for him or her to suffer a traumatic brain injury,1 or TBI. These extremely serious injuries can often leave victims with problems that may prevent them from returning to work for a significant period of time – if at all – and also can have an impact on their day-to-day quality of life. For this reason, anyone who sustains a work-related head injury should be certain to talk to a Delaware head injury compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

What kinds of issues can a TBI cause?
A traumatic brain injury is a type of injury that occurs when a person hits or jolts his or her head in such a way as to cause a problem with the way brain function.  The severity of the after-effects of a TBI are generally in direct proportion to the severity of the initial injury, but can often include headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and dizziness, even in mild cases. In more severe cases, a person may suffer significant impairment and may develop the following problems:

·         Difficulty concentrating
·         Problems with speech
·         Poor muscle control
·         Issues with comprehension
·         Memory problems

In many cases, these issues have the potential to be long-term and require significant medical and rehabilitative care. In addition, severe TBI victims may be unable to live independently or engage in everyday tasks. For this reason, anyone who has sustained a workplace head injury should protect their legal rights by retaining an attorney immediately.

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Individuals who have sustained serious head injuries resulting in a TBI are often entitled to significant workers’ compensation2 benefits for their medical expenses, a portion of their lost income, temporary disability, permanent impairment, as well as others. To discuss your case with an experienced Delaware workers’ compensation lawyer, call Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC today at 302-364-6047.